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Photochemistry and Photobiology
(Ref. FQM-247)
April 2024
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Scientific production

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Lista de capítulos de libros

M.J. Muñoz Alferez, B. Clares Naveros, A. Conejo García, O.M. Cruz López, E. Garcia-Fernandez, M.D.C. González García , E. González Muñoz, J.M. Gonzalez Perez, J.A. González Vera, A.I.D. Moral García, C. Monteagudo, J.M. Paredes Martínez, P. Rodríguez-Bouzas, M. Romero Pérez, M.J. Ruedas Rama, M. Sanchez Polo, E.M. Talavera-Rodriguez, J. Valverde-Pozo, A. González-Muñoz, L. González -Robles, M.Á. Huertas -Martínez and R.C. Navarrete Casas,  "Tutorial action and orientation for university students during the COVID-19 pandemic at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada", "EDULEARN21 Proceedings ", 3488-3495, 2021
R.C. Navarrete Casas, E.M. Talavera-Rodriguez, E. González Muñoz, J.M. Paredes Martínez, P. Rodríguez-Bouzas, M. Romero Pérez, A.I.D. Moral García, E. Garcia-Fernandez, B. Clares Naveros, M.J. Ruedas Rama, J.A. González Vera, O.M. Cruz López, M.D.C. González García , M. Sanchez Polo, J.M. Gonzalez Perez, C. Monteagudo and M.J. Muñoz Alferez,  "TUTORGRADOS 2.0, an innovative project oriented to students with educational needs", "EDULEARN20 Proceedings", 3379-3385, 2020
E. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Pernagallo , J.A. González Vera, M.J. Ruedas Rama, J.J. Díaz-Mochón and A. Orte Gutierrez,  "Time-Gated Luminescence Acquisition for Biochemical Sensing: miRNA Detection", "Fluorescence in Industry", 213-267, 2019
A. Dominguez-Martin, M.E. Garcia Rubiño, A. Lorente, C.R. Maldonado, M.A. Galindo Cuesta, R.M. Sánchez Martín, A. Orte Gutierrez, M.J. Pineda De Las Infantas Villatoro, A. Matilla Hernandez and J. Niclos Gutierrez,  "SPOCS: AN OUTSTANDING E-LEARNING TOOL", "Proceedings of ICERI2019 Conference", 276-282, 2019
J.M. Paredes Martínez, M. Sanchez Polo, M.J. Ruedas Rama, A. Conejo García, J.M. Gonzalez Perez, E.M. Talavera-Rodriguez, E. Garcia-Fernandez, J.A. González Vera, C. Monteagudo, R.C. Navarrete Casas, P. Rodríguez-Bouzas, M. Romero Pérez, E. González Muñoz, M.D.C. González García and M.J. Muñoz Alferez,  "Tutorial, professional, personal and academic orientation of university students "TUTORGRADOS 2.0"", "ICERI2019 Proceedings", 5163-5170, 2019
O.H. Laguna Espitia, S.M. Coman, M.A. Centeno-Gallego and V. Pârvulescu,  "Biomass transformation into chemicals using zeolites and MOFs", "Zeolites and Metal-Organic Frameworks ¿ From lab to industry", 117-148, 2018
R.C. Navarrete Casas, P. Rodríguez-Bouzas, J.M. Paredes Martínez, E. González Muñoz and M.J. Muñoz Alferez,  "Use of a game-based learning platform to identify deficiencies in basic subjects of first year university students", "EDULEARN18 Proceedings", 2741-2747, 2018
J.M. Paredes Martínez, P. Rodríguez-Bouzas, E. González Muñoz, R.C. Navarrete Casas and M.J. Muñoz Alferez,  "Detection and solution of specific academic needs in university students", "Proceedings of EDULEARN17 Conference", 4977-4982, 2017
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